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Safety & Security Asia Merlion Awards

Award-winning Smart Security Solution

Make your security agency business fly with SMAS - the only Security Management & Alert System that delivers you perfect regulatory compliance, increased operational effectiveness and absolute peace of mind.

How Can Your Business Benefit

Reduced Manpower

SMAS improves digitisation and automation, enabling you to do more with lesser manual resources.

Improved Comms

SMAS enables clear and precise communication between frontline personnel and HQ to achieve full situational awareness.   

Faster Response

SMAS allows frontline personnel to report incidents in real-time for swift and decisive action.

Better Discipline

SMAS instills a structured and systematic workflow that enforces operational regimentation. 

Increased Profits

SMAS improves your operational effectiveness so that you can do more with less and acquire more business.

Greater Savings

SMAS costs only a fraction of what you would have to otherwise pay to build your own system.

"Tracking attendance of personnel and lodging incidents is now faster and more accurate. The improvement to our ops effectiveness is tremendous!"

- Mr. Ng (Director), Exlira Pte Ltd

Key Features

  • Manpower deployment and shift planning
  • Occurrence Reporting
  • Attendance Reporting

PWM Compliant

  • Attendance Recording, Tracking
    and Monitoring
  • Auto Calculation and Reporting
  • Break-time Selfie

Employment Act Compliant

  • Dashboard Overview of Status
  • Shared Directory for SOPs
  • Key/Equipment Management
  • After Action Reporting

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